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Luxan was established in Holland in 1950 and recently celebrated 50 Years of trading.

Traditionally, Luxan’s portfolio has contained mainly crop protection products. Recognising that business does not stand still, Luxan has reacted by forging stronger links with manufacturers and distributors to offer a wide range of products for today’s Professional Pest Controller.

Luxan UK utilises the excellent production plant, research and development facilities in Holland combined with the highest quality control measures. Luxan aims to find new and innovative solutions to problems facing the UK Pest Control Industry.

Luxan UK is proud to be a member of both the British Pest Control Association and the National Pest Technician’s Association.

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Gro - Stop Fog, HN and 100
Flexibility has been increased with the introduction of a 2 day with holding period between treatment and unloading for Luxan's NEW product Gro Stop 100. "This is a big reduction from the previous minimum withdrawal period of 28 days" points out Mr Boyne of Luxan UK. "Gro Stop 100 also has a lower store exclusion period of 12 hours reduced from 24 hours although external ventilation can resume 8 hours providing the fog has cleared."

Fogging contractors, such as Mr Purslow, welcome the change: “This is fantastic from our point of view. It gives growers much more flexibility to apply product towards the end of the season. It will also improve shelf-life of potatoes once they arrive in the supermarket.”
Keeping potatoes in top condition this year is set to be a bit of a challenge for growers and storekeepers. The wet/dry summer has seen a “mixed bag” coming into store. British Potato Council technologist Adrian Briddon says. “Some tubers reached full maturity before lifting, but a lot of crops have come in green and store managers need to be aware of this.” His advice has been a slow temperature pull-down and storekeepers to keep a close eye on the condition of tubers. Storekeepers also need to ensure that they start their chlorpropham (CIPC) programme at the right time. “

Independent fogging contractor, John Purslow of Hereford-based Eagle Services, agrees that in-store vigilance is the key factor to ensuring the crop remains in good condition. Eagle Services applies CIPC regimes to around 100-150,000 tonnes of stored potatoes every year. The tubers must be right for the best results, says Mr Purslow. “They must be perfectly dry and any nicks and cuts healed over.” Temperature should be as even as possible throughout the store to ensure an even spread of active ingredient, and timing is crucial, he confirms. “It’s difficult because you’re dealing with a food crop that’s alive. But if the tubers have started sprouting, you are too late.”

Often overlooked is the store equipment, Mr Purslow points out. “Fans and refrigeration equipment must be in good working order. They should also check that stores are as leak-tight as possible, he adds, and gentle air circulation within the store helps. “In bulk stores an effective way to ensure a good spread of chemical is to keep recirculation fans on during the fogging process itself,” he advises. “The procedure we follow is to shut up the store and run the fans for around 30 minutes before applying the chemical. “But you must ensure your CIPC has a non-flammable formulation,” cautions Mr Purslow. This is in case of an electrical fault or sparks from the fans. “We only use Luxan Gro-Stop products for this very reason – it’s an additional risk you cannot afford to take.” Another key aspect of getting an even spread is the size of droplet. The aim here is for 3.5 microns and it wants to be in a tight range, says Mr Purslow.

Work carried out at Silsoe Research Institute has tested Gro-Stop products through a SAM Unifog machine at a number of different pressures and temperatures. The ideal combination was found to be 330°C at 3.5 bar. “That’s perfect for the equipment and procedures we use,” notes Mr Purslow.

The air space above the potatoes is as important as maintaining an even airflow and temperature through the crop. The danger here is sedimentation, caused by chemical condensing on the store roof and then dripping on to the stock below. The top layer of tubers can receive a high concentration, which may result in residue issues or even crop damage. “keeping recirculation fans on during fogging will help. Auto heaters also help stop condensation,” adds Mr Purslow. These keep the temperature in the roof space a degree or two warmer than in the stock.

For more information on carrying out Gro Stop programmes this season, Luxan (UK) have produced example low dose / low residue programmes on laminated card which are availble free now. Should you wish to receive a copy please contact Helen Ainsworth to discuss Gro Stop please contact Malcolm Nursey or Peter Boyne.

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